Tyler, Harmony, Snuggles & The Christmas Tradition
Tyler, Harmony, Snuggles & The Christmas Tradition

In "Christmas Tradition," the birds stay home. With Momma by their side, they won’t be alone. No grand adventure, no journeys so wide, They’re home for the holidays, love by their side.

Sledding, baking, carols, and more, Their festive list grows, a joyous encore. But this year's different, a new tradition in the air, Charity and giving, a gesture so rare.

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The Beak Buddies

Meet the "Beak Buddies"

In "The Beak Buddies" they go,
With Momma, birds in tow,
Snuggles, Harmony, and Tyler's their name, Together they play, it's never the same.

Adventures they share, oh what fun Learning together, one by one. Family and teamwork, they hold dear Caring for others, spreading cheer.

With laughs and joy, and feathers so bright, These books will make your heart feel light, A world of cuteness, filled with glee, Love and togetherness, for you and me!